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The Houston Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators is a separate legal entity from the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). ALA licenses the use of its name, mark, logos and other protected properties to chapters which are in good standing. ALA disclaims all liability or responsibility whatsoever for the actions, representations and liabilities of the Houston Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators, specifically including those of any nature whatsoever arising from or out of the content or other features related to the Houston Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators web site. In no event shall ALA be deemed the guarantor of the Houston Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators.

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Debra Baltzell, CLM
(713) 653-7382
Review and verify accuracy of monthly financials, reimbursements/backup, bank reconciliations and other financial/banking transactions.
 Liaison – Jason Folkman (President)


Rosa Walker
(713) 276-7632
Establish mutually beneficial relationships with the State Bar, Houston Bar Association and other legal organizations and to advance diversity within the legal profession.
 Liaison – Jason Folkman(President)


Emma Rice, CLM
(713) 220-4628

Linda Perez
(713) 236-5144

Promote and maintain strong business partner/membership relationships in order to enhance the services and benefits available to the Chapter and strengthen the Chapter's economic base.
 Liaison – Valerie Hayes, PHR (Director of Business Partnering)


Kathryn Vidal, CLM
(713) 546-5856

Linda Smith
(713) 860-0562

Select a project and schedule, plan and follow through on all aspects of the Chapter's annual outreach events.

Liaison – Jody Gressett, CLM (Secretary)






Evaluate, plan and implement educational programs and/or seminars for the membership/legal community.

HR Section - Susan Robinson (713) 229-1592
IT/Operations Section - Monique Mahler (713) 571-1146
Finance Section - Debra Baltzell (713) 653-7382
 Liaison –Liz Sampson(Dir. Of Education)


Linda Perez
(713) 236-5144
Assist ALA Houston Chapter members and Houston area law firms/legal departments with job placements.
 Liaison – Janet Lamp, CLM (Treasurer)


Monique Mahler
(713) 571-1146
Develop and implement programs to ensure the successful assimilation of new members into the Chapter. Prepare and maintain Chapter member name tags. Coordinate membership/guest RSVP's with Board to ensure name tags are available at Chapter events.
 Liaison – Candace Childress (President-Elect)


Tanya Urban
(713) 758-6055

Promote/publicize to the legal and business communities the activities of the Houston Chapter via appropriate and efficient means.


 Liaison – Stacey Ransleben, CLM (Vice President)


Julie Stevenson, CLM
(713) 220-4203

Dana Gambino, CLM
(713) 308-0171

Schedule, plan and follow through on all of the various issues that comprise the Chapter's annual retreat.

Liaison – Candace Chidress (President-Elect)




Cindy Graves, CLM
(713) 650-2777


Update and maintain the content of the salary and benefit survey and coordinate the preparation and distribution of the survey on an annual basis.

Liaison – Wendy Crane (Chapter Manager)


David Silverman
(713) 871-9000
Develop and maintain the Chapter's website.
 Liaison – Jason Folkman (President)